Thursday, 25 May 2017

More Short-Term Property Rentals in Turkey information

Short-Term Property Rentals in Turkey - New Regulations

9th May 2017
As many of you may already be aware, the regulations for renting-out your property for short-term lettings has changed. The new regulations have come into force affecting Short-Term Rentals and owners are required to register their guests to the government system.
The system is called ‘Geçici İkamet Yerleri ve Kimlik Bildirme Projesi’ (GİYKİMBİL) or (Temporary Residency and Identification Project).

You must also pay tax for your short-term rentals. This is not new, however, home owners must first set up a Turkish company (sole trader or limited company) in order to comply with tax regulations.

How to Register for GİYKİMBİL
You may visit your local Jandarma or police station in your district to obtain the necessary software (free) and you may also purchase additional software to send the xml files. Companies such as Akçam Bilişim or 3T Bilişim provide this software ('Kimlik Bilgilenirme' Program)

Please note: Rental properties such as Villas or Apartments are classified as 'Pensions'. And these properites will require a license. This must be obtained from the Municipal Council. For this you must set up a Turkish company or register as a work permit holder.

Some of details requested for GİYKİMBİL include:

- Nationality
- Full name
- Date of birth
- Male/Female
- İdentity Number (passport number)
- Arrival dates & Exit dates to the property

Fine for NOT Registering your Property 10,383 TL
Fine for NOT Reporting guests 700 TL per day


According to some district Police & Jandarma (depending on which city you live in)  If the property is rented to family or friends without any commercial interest then you are not required to inform the authorities via the GIYKIMBIL System.

However, you should be aware that if an incident was to occur at the property (without the owner being present) and the guests where not registered via the GİYKİMBİL system, this may cause issues for the home owner.

We suggest you check with your local authority as this information is not consistent throughout the major cities in Turkey. 
Or if you prefer to register every guest regardless of whether or not they are paying, you may do so.
We also provide this service on behalf of the home owner for the Muğla regions & Kaş & Kalkan. (Antalya) Please see below.

Company Set-up
If you would like to set-up a company (sole trader or limited company) for the purposes of short-term rentals we provide a service for company set-up. However, this may not be an economically viable option for property owners with only 1 or 2 properties for Short-Term Rentals.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017


We wish everyone a very HAPPY NEW YEAR and hope 2017 is awesome.

The New Year is here, so what a great time to revitalise the blog. I hope to be adding to the posts over the coming month as I have neglected to do so for some time now.

This is the new face for the homepage. There is a lot of work to do to get the website up to speed and I hope to be doing that over the coming months.

A lot of information here needs to be updated, and it will be as time permits.

Thanks for reading.

Monday, 27 April 2015

Welcome to the Tuzla Homeowners Association!




The Tuzla Homeowners Association!

The Tuzla Homeowners Association is a community based project bringing owners together to promote a happy and prosperous environment. If you own a property and wish to play a part in making the Tuzla area the best it can be then the THA is the place for you.
If you are not already a member, click on "Join" in the menu for info on how to join, or click "Join online!" to apply for membership right away.
If you are already a member, login on the left to access the member area.


The THA (Tuzla Homeowners Association) is a community-focused

association which plans to bring home owners together to create a

better managed and more enjoyable environment for us all.

If you own a property on FCC, TQ, RH or Lakeside and wish to play a part

in making the Tuzla area the best it can be then the THA is the place for you!

An Association that Exists For The Tuzla Community

✦A Platform for owners to Interact, Support and Share Ideas

✦A Forum to receive and share accurate and Reliable Information

✦ An Opportunity to ask Questions and get honest Answers

✦ An Association run by Owners for Owners

✦A Multi-Lingual Website & Forum

Take Control - Get in the Know

Find Out More Visit

Friday, 13 March 2015

Mobile Wifi Hotspot for Smart phones, tablets and laptops

What is Mobile Wi-Fi?

Mobile Wi-Fi is a small device that gives you internet access over a mobile network. It creates a short-range wireless network which any device with Wi-Fi can connect to, such as laptops, tablets, games consoles or cameras.

Secure access

As with all Wi-Fi networks, you can use a security key. That way you can control which devices can connect to it.



Connect up to five devices

Instead of being limited to a single connection with a dongle, Mobile Wi-Fi connects up to five devices at a time. It’s ideal for a wide range of situations such as a meeting away from your office or keeping the whole family connected.

Enjoy even faster speeds

This Mobile Wi-Fi device uses our 3G network to connect to the internet. Other Mobile Wi-Fi units are available on our 4G network so you can enjoy even faster speeds in areas with coverage. In fact, our ultrafast 4G is up to six times faster than 3G and can even be faster than Wi-Fi.

Additional storage

This Mobile Wi-FI device has a microSD memory card slot so you can use it as portable storage if you add a memory card.


Check out the Vodafone calculator HERE

Saturday, 7 March 2015

With the 2015 holiday season approaching, who are you going to call for airport transfers and car hire. The are so many options available, I am not going to list them here, but I can recommend the following: contact details:
+90 542 436 8981 / +90 555 360 2285

Thursday, 12 February 2015

A visit to Istanbul - The Basilica Cistern

The Basilica Cistern (Turkish: Yerebatan Sarayı - "Sunken Palace", or Yerebatan Sarnıcı - "Sunken Cistern"), is the largest of several hundred ancient cisterns that lie beneath the city of Istanbul (that is formerly Constantinople), Turkey. The cistern, located 500 feet (150 m) southwest of the Hagia Sophia on the historical peninsula of Sarayburnu, was built in the 6th century during the reign of Byzantine Emperor Justinian I

The name of this subterranean structure derives from a large public square on the First Hill of Constantinople, the Stoa Basilica, beneath which it was originally constructed. Before being converted to a cistern, a great Basilica stood in its place, built between the 3rd and 4th centuries during the Early Roman Age as a commercial, legal and artistic centre. The basilica was reconstructed by Illus after a fire in 476.

Ancient texts indicated that the basilica contained gardens, surrounded by a colonnade and facing the Hagia Sophia.[1] According to ancient historians, Emperor Constantine built a structure that was later rebuilt and enlarged by Emperor Justinian after the Nika riots of 532, which devastated the city.

Historical texts claim that 7,000 slaves were involved in the construction of the cistern.

The enlarged cistern provided a water filtration system for the Great Palace of Constantinople and other buildings on the First Hill, and continued to provide water to the Topkapi Palace after the Ottoman conquest in 1453 and into modern times.

Measurements and data
Fifty-two stone steps descend into the entrance of the cistern. The cistern is surrounded by a firebrick wall with a thickness of 4 metres (13 ft) and coated with a waterproofing mortar. The Basilica Cistern's water came from the Eğrikapı Water Distribution Center in the Belgrade Forest, which lie 19 kilometres (12 mi) north of the city. It traveled through the 971 metres (3,186 ft)-long Valens (Bozdoğan) Aqueduct, and the 115.45 metres (378.8 ft)-long Mağlova Aqueduct, which was built by the Emperor Justinian.[1]

The cistern has the capacity to store 100,000 tons of water, despite being virtually empty today with only a few feet of water lining the bottom.

The weight of the cistern lies on the columns by means of the cross-shaped vaults and round arches of its roof.

The Basilica Cistern has undergone several restorations since its foundation. The first of the repairs were carried out twice during the Ottoman State in the 18th century during the reign of Ahmed III in 1723 by the architect Muhammad Agha of Kayseri. The second major repair was completed during the 19th century during the reign of Sultan Abdulhamid II (1876–1909). Cracks to masonry and damaged columns were repaired in 1968, with additional restoration in 1985 by the Istanbul Metropolitan Museum. During the 1985 restoration, 50,000 tons of mud were removed from the cisterns, and platforms built throughout to replace the boats once used to tour the cistern. The cistern was opened to the public in its current condition on 9 September 1987. In May 1994, the cistern underwent additional cleaning.

Monday, 20 October 2014

How to retrieve your Turkish tax number

How to get your Turkish tax number (vergi kimlik)

There has been a lot of activity about this lately as Intasure have been contacting their clients concerning their tax number.

All property owners will have been issued a tax number from the Bodrum or Milas tax office. Many of you will not have made a note as the solicitor may have held back this number only to charge you for retrieving it later as they never miss a trick to make more money.

Luckily there is an online service to retrieve you number at the government website :

This is the page you will be faced with:

You need to add:

father forenames

Then select Yutdışı

then add your year of birth (ie 1959)

(note, the chances are they will have used a Turkish i which is ı if you have an i in your name. See note below if you do not know how to do this.

It took me several attempts to get my number. First I did not know I had to add the Turkish ı, then they left my fathers middle name out, so I had to run multiple variations until I got the result. You may well need to do this as getting your number in the first hit is unlikely, so you need to be patient.


Option 1: use an online virtual keyboard and copy and paste the Turkish letters.

Option 2: Install a Turkish keyboard onto you PC. If you have a Mac then you need to search for how to do this on the net. If you tyep a lot of Turkish this is a good option. If not, the 1st option may be the best one for you.


Thursday, 21 August 2014

Paying an Aydem electric bill - be warned

  Notice about Aydem electric bills.

If you meter reading is well over what is should be, chances are Aydem have made an error. The problems start here.

If you get them to check their error, they will most likely take a month to rectify the reading. As luck would have it for them, the next bill is then due.

This will then coincide with the now lower debt from the previous month, so they cut you off, just like that as the previous month is now outstanding.

So, if you do not want to be cut off even though the reading is wrong, you need to pay your bill like a good little client, as they have the POWER to disconnect if you dare stand up to them.

Nice one Aydem!

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Paying Milas council tax online 2014 - A guide

Milas Council tax becomes due in January each year. You are able to pay this in two instalments, by the end of May and November. Any outstanding balance of these respective date will gain interest. You are able to clear the account in one go if you prefer.  

I think the online service is the best method of payment and if you follow these steps, you have a good chance of being able to pay your council tax online, tried and test by many Idealworld Bodrum property management clients. This guide has been updated to take account of changes to the Milas council website 2014.

The website

Clicking on the ENGLISH link does not seem to bring many advantages, except for English navigation options. None of the content on the site is actually in English. Maybe this will come in time.


A new window will open. You will see in the top left hand corner a box which I have highlighted. You only need a user number as the previous requirement for a password has gone. If you do not have these number you need to contact the Milas Tapu office or Idealworld if you are a client.


This is what you will see if you have no debt on your account. In this case, you have no need to carry on, so see you next year. If you have a debt, then please read on.


The Payment
Use the image above to guide you through the payment screen. 
  1. Type 11111111111 (that's eleven ones)
  2. Type you name as it appears on the tapu
  3. Type 02521234567 as an example. You are unable to add international number so a pointless box for foreigners.
  4. Type your email address. This is where you receipt with be sent.
  5. Type your name as it appears on your credit card.
  6. select the credit card number box, then use the number pad to the right to select your credit card number.
  7. Select the card's expriry date
  8. Select the next box and add the 3 digit security code using the number pad.
  9. To complete the transaction click ÖDEMEYI TAMALA
The website will now process your information. A small window will open in the middle of the screen which asks you to wait while the payment is being verified. If all went well, the screen will refresh and you will see that you either owe nothing on your account, or the remainder of you did not select to pay. You will now receive a receipt in your email inbox.

THAT'S IT. I hope you have found this guide useful.

If you do not have a username, please follow these guidelines:

If you are not an Idealworld client then you will need to claim your username and password from the council. This is the procedure (thanks to Brian Watts for this info):
Subject: e-belediye Şifre
Email Body:

Tckimlik No: Turkish kimlik or foreign passport No
Ad: Name
Soyad: Surname
Baba Adı: Father's Name
Ana Adı: Main Title
Doğum Yeri: Place of birth
Doğum Tarihi: Date of birth
Adres: Address
Ev Tel: Home Phone (including international code)
Cep Tel: Mobile Phone (including international code)
Varsa Emlak Sicil No: Real Estate Registration No (you should be able to get this from  your Tapu).